Our Program

Unicorn Club began as a heart project, something we wanted to do to give back to the community, and encourage more kids to come up to the farm and fall in love with horses. It wasn't long before our phones were ringing off the hook, and our emails were pouring in with kids who wanted to join! We realized this program was exactly what horse loving kids needed.

Our program, offers two classes per week; one horsemanship day, and one riding day. We run our classes in a group format broken down in to age categories.

Horsemanship days our members come up to the farm and do a theory lesson (anatomy, healthcare, stable management, etc). Once that's complete they assist with horse care (feeding, grooming, tack care, fence repairs, etc). Our members learn all about caring for horses, and at the same time build confidence and a sense of belonging and importance.

Riding days our members get hands on experience learning about horsemanship and riding. Our lessons are not discipline specific, but rather a focus on correct horse handling, and basic riding skills that can transfer over to future development. In addition, we incorporate exercises that build leadership, confidence, and communication. These are just some of the incredible life skills that horses pass on to their people, and exactly what we want each member to gain from our club.

Our club started in Kelowna BC Canada, and is now opening up in new cities across Canada and the United States. It is our dream for children all over the world to share in the magic of horses and ponies.